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When you meet J.D. Davis your first impression is that of a professional in his field. He has helped clients add comfort and beauty to their homes with energy saving heating, air conditioning, fire places and stoves for over 28 years. He has been a Consultant with Sundance Energy Services for over 11 years here in Bothell.
You will find that J. D. can find the perfect product for your home because of his knowledge and the wide range of products the company offers. If you have thought about a fireplace or stove in any room of your home, call J. D. for a free consultation. Let him show you all the possibilities that he offers and give suggestions of what would fulfill your wants, needs and desires.
In this day of high costs J.D. can give you quotes on a variety of products so that you will be assured of not only getting what you want, but getting the best price. By purhcasing the right equipment for your home, your energy bill will decrease. Picture how a room in your home would look and feel with your added unit. His professional installers will do a top notch job in adding the personality of a fireplace or decorative stove to your home, office, cabin etc.

Call J.D. to get more information, Call: 425 260-3027

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